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JRC Productions can produce your company's custom video by supplying you with everything from script writing and videotaping to voiceover talent and editing. We use only broadcast quality equipment, which gives you the best final project available. When you are ready for duplication, we can do that, too.

Pre-production is time allotted for meetings, creative consultation, script writing/editing, shot list drafting, and any necessary site checks.

JRC Productions is proud to offer complete turnkey services for professional audio/visual production or you can choose only the services your project requires. For video projects, we have multiple television standard video formats that give your productions the sharpness and clarity of a network broadcast.

If you would like information on producing a video project, call JRC Productions at (630) 896-4250.

Marc Arturi                  Cindy Bravos

Doug Cretsinger        Vikki Myers 

Dan Ferrelli                 Susan Rasmus 

Bill Haines                   Megan Reed

Tony Libri                     

Tom Marker

Mike Myers

Randy Drolen


Our services are further complemented by post production that includes three-dimensional digital effects, graphics and animation.

Digital Non-linear Editing
Includes digitizing footage for non-linear editing, graphic design, transitions, titles, video effects, and layoff of finished edited master to the format of your choice.

Music/Sound Effect Soundtracking
All music and sound effects used in JRC Productions' videos are digitally mastered on CD. Several complete music/sound effects libraries are available. The final rate depends on the amount of music/sound effects used in the final edited master.

The following is a list of questions we ask prospective customers to help us determine what will be involved in completing their video project:

• What goal(s) are you trying to accomplish with a video?

• Who is your target audience?

• How long do you want the final edited master to be? We recommend trying to stay within 10 to 15 minutes because a typical   person’s attention span is about 12 minutes.

• Who is writing the script? If you are providing the script, will it be a rough draft or a final one? If you need our assistance, will you   be able to provide a detailed outline and written literature we can use to write the script?

• When would you like videotaping to take place? We shoot all footage on a broadcast standard format so the final edited master    will have the highest quality images. This is especially important if you wish to have copies made.

• Where will videotaping take place? Will you need to use our studio?

• Will you need us to incorporate any still photographs, slides, and/or digital files? If so, in what format(s) are the media?

• Will you need voice-over talent? If yes, what are your requirements (male or female)?

• Will you need on-camera talent? If yes, what are your requirements (i.e. male, female, tall, short, young, old, etc.)?

• If on-camera talent is needed, will s/he need to use a teleprompter? Some on-camera talents also use ear prompters. Either a   teleprompter or ear prompter is highly recommended over cue cards to avoid shifty eyes.

• On the final edited master, will you want any music? If so, will you want it at the beginning and end of the video, in between    sections, or throughout the entire production?

• When does the edited master have to be completed?

• How many copies will you need? Will they all be shown in the United States or will you need foreign conversions? Some   countries use a different broadcast system than ours. For instance, North America and most of South America use NTSC and   most of Europe uses PAL. Countries not using NTSC or PAL use SECAM.

• What is your budget?

For more information on the production services we offer or for specific pricing,
please call us at (630) 896-4250.